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How can a hospital be found negligent?

Most Denver area residents will spend time in a hospital at least once during their lifetime. Patients rely on hospitals to treat them when they are sick, and they expect to receive good, compassionate care. But, occasionally, the unthinkable happens and a patient is injured due to hospital negligence.

There are many reasons why a hospital can be found liable for negligence. One is if an employee hurts a patient by acting incompetently. Many times, nurses, nursing assistants, aids, medical technicians, and support staff are employed by the hospital. If they acted negligently, the hospital can be held accountable. A hospital could also be held negligent if they give privileges to a doctor who is incompetent or dangerous.

Are nursing homes overmedicating residents?

Many Denver area families will need to make the agonizing decision to place their loved one in a nursing home. As the general population gets older, these facilities are necessary for those who can no longer take care of themselves. Many times, nursing homes are places where residents and their families can feel like they are well taken care of. But, occasionally, nursing home abuse occurs, which can be devastating to families.

There are many different forms of nursing home abuse. One form of abuse is giving medication to nursing home residents who do not need it. The FDA estimates that 15,000 nursing home patients die each year because they are given unnecessary medications. Many of these medications are antipsychotic medications that are given to residents to sedate them. Human Rights Watch estimates that 179,000 nursing home residents across the United States receive antipsychotic medications even though they do not have a medical diagnosis that would warrant it. Some say that nursing homes use these drugs to make up for staffing shortages and family members say their loved ones have been sedated and left for hours unattended.

Serious bike accident occurs in Denver

Many Denver area residents understand the importance of driving safely. Many Denver residents also believe in staying healthy, and riding bikes is part of their exercise routine. Bike riding is popular among many residents, not just for exercising, but as a way to get around. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents do occur, and they often result in serious injuries.

A recent bike accident occurred in Denver, which resulted in serious injuries. A bicyclist was hit by a car at the intersection of Lawrence and 24th Street. The bicyclist suffered serious injuries and was taken to a local hospital. Police are still investigating the cause of the accident.

Dockless Scooters: Public Transportation Or Public Nuisance?

If you have seen those dockless scooters whizzing by on Denver streets this summer, you're far from alone. They're seemingly everywhere, bolstered by a Denver Public Works approving permits for five companies this year as part of a pilot program for dockless bikes and scooters. 

The presence of the scooters is great for achieving the city's goal to reduce single-occupant vehicle commute trips by 2030, but is there a dark side to the presence of these seemingly fun vehicles? 

How to stop hydroplaning

In heavy rain, it can be easy for vehicles to begin hydroplaning -- putting many drivers at risk for injury. Especially if you are not accustomed to driving in the rain, it's important to be aware of what to do in in this situation so that you the drivers surrounding you can remain safe.

Read on to learn more about the steps you can take to regain control of a hydroplaning car before it's too late.

Police officer allegedly drives drunk, causes car accident

Most Denver residents know it is illegal and unsafe to drive after drinking. One would expect law enforcement officers to be even more vigilant about their driving.

A Denver police officer received a 16-day suspension because he chose to drive drunk following a CU football game, police said. According to reports, the police officer rear-ended a car that stopped in front of him and pushed that car into another car. There was significant property damage reported in the accident. The police officer's blood alcohol content was reportedly 0.151, which is nearly twice the legal limit in Colorado. The officer had his driving privileges revoked and is off the job until October.

Dirty surgical instruments can be a serious problem

When people go under the knife for a surgical procedure, they trust that their medical care providers will treat them with a level of care that is up to professional standards. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors and hospitals fall short of these standards, and patients can be injured as a result. Occasionally, there are safety issues that occur when surgical instruments are not properly cleaned.

The cleaning of hospital surgical equipment is typically done by a hospital sterilization department. This department is tasked with cleaning and sterilizing the instruments so that they will not cause infection or other problems. Unfortunately, the employees working in hospital sterilization departments typically receive little training. This can result in surgical equipment not being adequately sterilized and can lead to injury to the next patient who comes into contact with the dirty instruments. Patients can suffer from unexpected infections, hepatitis B, and many other serious medical conditions.

Bicyclist killed by hit-and-run driver

There are many people in the Denver area who enjoy riding their bikes. Denver is home to many cyclists and races. Most of the time bicyclists are able to safely share the road with other vehicles but, occasionally, a serious bicycle accident occurs.

Recently, a bicyclist was hit and killed in a hit-and-run accident. The accident occurred near Speer Blvd. and Logan Street. The person who hit the bicyclist drove away, but police found him shortly after. The driver appeared to be impaired and underwent tests for drunk driving. He has been charged with vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident, DUI, driving without a license and reckless driving.

What to do if you suspect nursing home neglect

When a person gets older, they often need additional care. Older people need help with day-to-day tasks, medication, and caring for themselves. These situations often require a person to enter a nursing home where they are taken care of around the clock. This is an agonizing decision for a family and families want their loved one to be well taken care of.

Although most nursing homes do a wonderful job of taking care of their residents, there are occasional stories of nursing home abuse. If a family believes their loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, there are certain steps they should take.

Doctor plans to sue Denver hospital for negligence

A Denver doctor underwent hip surgery at Porter Adventist Hospital in 2016. Soon after the surgery, she developed a serious infection – so serious, she almost died.

Earlier this year, CBS4 reported that the hospital was halting surgeries due to issues with sterilization of orthopedic surgical instruments. The hospital confirmed that the doctor was in the group of patients who had been operated on during the time frame that instrument sterilization was at issue.

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