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Personal Injury Cases & Settlements: FAQs

A personal injury can be both physically and emotionally harmful. As those harmed by negligence start to pick up the pieces, however, getting information about their rights and their options for financial recovery can be empowering, helping them to reclaim their lives as they focus on healing and moving forward.

So, the following presents some answers to commonly asked questions about personal injury cases. When you are ready to get some specific advice regarding your options for holding a negligent party accountable, contact a Denver personal injury attorney at the Law Office of James H. Guest, LLC.

Helpful Information about Personal Injury Cases: What Injured People Should Know

These answers to common personal injury questions can provide some insight regarding victims' rights and options following an accident, a Denver personal injury attorney reveals.

Q - What should I do after sustaining a personal injury?

A - Get medical attention immediately. Then, consult a lawyer. During a free, no obligations meeting, you can find out if you have a case and, if so, what the next steps are for pursuing your claim and obtaining the compensation you may deserve. By moving forward with you case, it can be possible to obtain damages for your medical bills, lost wages, and emotional suffering.

Q - How soon do personal injury cases have to be filed?

A - In Colorado, the deadline for filing personal injury cases - or the statute of limitations for these cases - is two years. This means that a case has to be filed within two years from the date of the accident or event that caused it. Cases filed after this deadline will typically be dismissed.

Q - How much is my case worth?

A - There is no quick answer to this question because the value of your case will depend on its details, including the severity of your injuries, the nature of the negligence, etc. In general, however, personal injury cases that tend to result in higher settlement awards tend to be those associated with any of the following:

  • More severe or debilitating injuries having been sustained
  • More extensive property damage having resulted from the event
  • Permanent impacts to quality of life and/or people's abilities to earn a living.

For a free case evaluation, contact the Law Office of James H. Guest, LLC.

Q - What are punitive damages and when are they awarded?

A - Punitive damages refer to the compensation some parties are ordered to pay as punishment for the negligence that caused an accident, injuries and/or death. Unlike compensatory damages that are awarded to restore the victim, punitive damages come into play when the negligence involved was especially damaging or egregious.

These awards, which can greatly increase the value of a case, are not always available. When they are, however, they can serve as powerful leverage in pre-trial negotiations.

Q - I've been offered a personal injury settlement. Should I just take it?

A - Not without first talking to an attorney to find out if the settlement is adequate. It's not uncommon for settlement offers to be far less than victims deserve, and an experienced lawyer can evaluate when this may be the case - and when it's best to hold out for the full amount of compensation to which you may be entitled.

Contact a Denver Personal Injury Attorney at the Law Office of James H. Guest, LLC

If you have been harmed by negligence, contact a Denver personal injury attorney at the Law Office of James H. Guest, LLC for experienced help with your financial recovery.

Contact us by calling (303) 872-5283 or (888) 841-6593 or by emailing us via the contact form on this page. We offer free initial consultations, and there is no fee for our services if there is no recovery in your case.

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