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4 Potentially Damaging Myths about Personal Injury Cases Dispelled

Myths about Personal Injury Cases Dispelled

Being injured in an accident can be physically and emotionally ruinous. When the injuries prevent people from working and require expensive medical treatments, however, the resulting financial distress can be difficult for victims to bear.In these situations, pursuing a personal injury case can be integral to holding negligent parties accountable while obtaining the compensation to which victims' may be entitled.

To ensure that victims understand how these cases can help them, below we have dispelled some common myths about them.

The Truth behind Common Personal Injury Myths

  1. My accident happened too long ago to pursue financial recovery - The key here is figuring out how long "too long ago" was. This is because Colorado law provides two years for personal injury victims to pursue financial recovery via the civil court system. So, if your accident happened within the past two years - or your injuries from the accident were discovered/diagnosed within the past two years, you may still have a viable claim. So, don't count it out just yet.
  2. I was partially to blame for the accident, so I don't have a case - Don't be misled by this thinking because the reality is that victims who may have contributed to an accident (like a car crash, for example) may still be entitled to compensation as long as some other party was more negligent than they were. In fact, even if you believe that you were primarily at fault for a crash, talk to an attorney because there may be other factors involved that you are not aware of (and that you may not have the insight to identify, whereas a skilled auto accident lawyer can).
  3. The insurance company I'm working with will take care of me, so I don't need to file a case - Again, don't fall into this trap because, in all likelihood, the insurance company you are working with is NOT looking out for you. Instead, it is probably looking to protect its own bottom line, and the chances are that this can come at your expense. If you really want to make sure that your rights and interests are protected when it's time to work with an insurer, you need to retain an experienced lawyer.
  4. A personal injury case will take forever to resolve, so I should just accept a settlement - If "forever" means months (or maybe a year or two) and you absolutely cannot wait for compensation, taking a settlement may be in your best interests. However, if you are serious about obtaining the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled, it's strongly advised that you consult with an attorney about any settlement offer made to you so you know if your claim has been undervalued.

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