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7 Essential Steps to Take after a Motorcycle Accident

Essential Steps to Take after a Motorcycle Accident

No matter how careful you are when riding a motorcycle, you can't control the actions, attention and sobriety of others on the road. That can put many careful, experienced riders at risk of wrecks. And when a crash does happen, knowing what to do in the minutes and days that follow can be important to:

  • Sidestepping mistakes that could compromise your rights
  • Taking the right actions to gather evidence and safeguard a future claim.

So, if you or a loved one rides, check out these tips for what to do after a motorcycle wreck. It could make ALL the difference in your options for compensation and recovery.

What to Do after a Motorcycle Accident: How to Protect Your Rights & a Potential Claim

  1. Get medical attention ASAP - Get checked out by emergency medical responders if you are more seriously hurt in the crash. If you think your injuries are more minor, then see a doctor as soon as possible after leaving the accident scene. Remember, some injuries - like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) - can have symptoms that remain latent for hours or days after the injury-causing impact.
  2. Call police - Any accident that causes property damage, injuries or death in Colorado must (by law) be reported to law enforcement. So, call police after the crash.
  3. Take photos - Be sure to take lots of photos of your injuries, the property damage, any surrounding features that were damaged and the greater accident scene (as a whole). These pictures can verify the extent of the damage you sustained while also backing up your claims about how the accident happened (and who is at fault for it).
  4. Do NOT admit fault - Regardless of whether you believe you may have been partly (or entirely) at fault for a wreck, NEVER admit this to the other motorists (or witnesses) at the scene. Also, don't admit fault to police or your insurer. Let the investigations play out to determine liability. And be aware that apologizing after a crash CAN be interpreted as accepting blame.
  5. Report the crash to your insurance provider - This is can be required by the terms of your insurance policy (which is a contract). If you violate this term, you can give insurers the leverage they need to prolong, undercut or flat-out deny your claim.
  6. Keep everything - From medical bills and accident reports to correspondence from insurers and documentation about your lost wages, these items can be crucial to keeping track of (and later proving) your losses.
  7. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer at the Law Office of James H. Guest - An experienced attorney at our firm can be an invaluable ally in the aftermath of a wreck. That's because one of our lawyers can help you:
    • Determine all of the parties that are liable for your crash
    • Compile all of the evidence needed to build and bolster your claim
    • Guide you through the claim and recovery process, helping you take the rights steps (and understand your options at every juncture).

Contact a Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at the Law Office of James H. Guest, LLC

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer at the Law Office of James H. Guest, LLC for important information about your legal options and how to proceed with your potential claim.

You can call (303) 292-2992 or email our firm for a FREE initial consultation. If you choose to retain us, you will not have to pay any legal fees until or unless there a recovery for your claim.

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