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4 Myths About aftermarket Exhaust Pipes for Motorcycles

Love them or hate them, one thing is for sure, the sound of many aftermarket exhaust pipes retro-fitted on motorcycles make them roar louder than they did before with the exhaust pipes that came standard on the bikes. Most motorcycle enthusiasts who make the conversions to their bikes swear by the transformation, claiming it alerts other nearby motorists of the presence of a biker.

But, Critics of noise pollution have strong arguments against changing factory supplied exhaust pipes with aftermarket ones.

Myths About Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

: 4 Myths About aftermarket Exhaust Pipes for Motorcycles | Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The following is a list of four myth enthusiast usually point out about aftermarket motorcycle exhaust pipes, and how they make their bikes safer:

Myth 1: Again, we'll start with the obvious claim that loud aftermarket motorcycle exhaust pipes are safer for motorcycles, and have saved lives.

Truth: The critics are quick to point out that there are no scientific studies or data to back up this claim that aftermarket exhaust pipes have saved lives.

Myth 2: Loud aftermarket exhaust pipes allow drivers in other vehicles hear you better.

Truth: Forget about loud pipes. It's better to be seen! Critics also point out how the loud noise is directed backwards, so in highway scenarios it does little good, because the vehicles in front of them cannot hear them. Even with the biggest bikes, the noise probably will do little to nab the attention of some drivers, because they tend to have their windows up, and their car radios on.

Myth 3: Aftermarket exhaust pipes will add value to your bike, because they sometimes make the motorcycle faster.

Truth: Actually, aftermarket exhaust pipes violate a little-known federal law, which prohibits the replacement of stock exhaust equipment on motorcycles with tailpipes not officially approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). So, basically, bikers who have made this conversion have broken the law. Critics contend that should degrade the value of the bikes.

Myth 4: Aftermarket exhaust pipes don't hurt people.

Truth: Not only are aftermarket exhaust pipes illegal, they are an assault on people's right to peace and quiet. The only reason police don't crack down on them is, because motorcyclists form a fairly large demographic that can lobby pretty easily to campaign for motorcycle-friendly politicians and law enforcement heads, such as county sheriffs. Actually, aftermarket exhaust pipes also create more pollution, than EPA-approved factory exhausts. Also, per mile, motorcycle engines emit far more pollutants into the air than other passenger vehicles, according to the EPA.

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