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Your role in helping to prevent motorcycle collisions

The sight of a motorcycle accident is often enough to make a person cringe and send out some positive thoughts for those affected. Accidents involving motorcycles can result in devastating, catastrophic injuries or death at rates higher than other vehicles on the road in Colorado.

The increased level of danger associated with motorcycles should be enough to convince every driver on the road to take a few added safety precautions to combat this problem. The reality is that while motorcyclists themselves do need to take precautions for their own safety, other drivers can make a major difference in decreasing the rates and likelihood of motorcycle accidents.

How drivers can contribute to safety

One of the most prominent dangers for motorcyclists is the presence of other motor vehicles on the road with them. Single-vehicle accidents are far less likely for motorcyclists than crashes involving another vehicle. Often it is the error of a car or truck driver that leads to a motorcycle collision.

Every driver can keep in mind a few simple precautions that can make all the difference in terms of safety for motorcyclists and their passengers. Consider a few reminders as you share the road with these two or three-wheeled vehicles:

  • Use your turn signal and let it run for a few seconds before changing lanes or turning across lanes of traffic. Give some time for others to see the signal and make necessary adjustments if they need.
  • Look in your blind spots and at your surroundings multiple times before moving across lanes of traffic. One look is often not enough. Consider the possibility that you missed something and take another quick look before you move.
  • Never tailgate a motorcyclist. Follow at least four seconds behind these vehicles to help decrease the chances of rear-end collisions.
  • Give motorcycles a full lane width in traffic. Don’t crowd in next to a rider in the same lane or force a rider to split lanes. They get a full lane, the same as any other vehicle.

Rider safety and training

Motorcycle safety also falls on the riders themselves. To legally drive a motorcycle in Colorado, riders need the Motorcycle (M) Endorsement and exhibit the necessary skills and knowledge of the road. Riders, no matter their experience level, can always take additional safety and riding courses to refresh the necessary skills and expertise over time.

No one on the road can neglect to consider the safety of their fellow travelers. Motorcycle safety involves not only the riders themselves, but every person in every vehicle on the road.

Consider the potential devastating effects of a motorcycle collision as you share the road. Roadway safety is the responsibility of every person, so keep your fellow travelers in mind as you set out on the road.

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